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Satay Kajang Retro

You do not need to go as far as Kajang to pacify your craving for satay as there is a satay stall worth visiting in Medan Selera USJ 7, in Subang jaya.

Sate Kajang Retro owner Muhammad Hairudin Suwardi said he skewered and seasoned the meat himself so patrons are guaranteed a homemade taste when they order his satay.
Hairuddin, who hails from Kajang, said he used his grandfather’s recipe to marinate the meat. Interestingly, instead of glazing the satay with vegetable oil like most satay sellers, he glazed the meat with the marinade.

This also means that is less oily, and as Hairudin said, also full of flavour.

We tried the chicken and beef satay as the stall ran out of lamb (RMLZU per stick) and ox tripe (RM1 per stick) due to orders for Hari Raya. proving that Sate Kajang Retro is a hit
among Subang Jaya folk. 

The Chicken satay (70 Sen per stick) was cooked to perfection and the beef satay (also 70sen per stick) was tender and slid off the stick easily.

At such prices. we can say the satay is cheap­ and tasty.

What is also important is the peanut gravy. At Sate Kajang Retro, the gravy was so thick that it stuck to the meat when dipped into it.

Sate Kajang Retro also sells ketupat at 70sen per piece to go with the skewered meat.

The stall, which opens from 4pm to 10pm daily, also offers nasi Iemak bungkus for only RM1. By FARAH FAZANNA ZUIZAHA

Kamaruddin Satay (Capital Cafe)

Not manysatay stalls can boast that are over 50 years old. Kamaruddin Satay at the Capital Café on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman was started by Kamaruddin Parmini's father in the 19605.

It was passed down to Kamaruddin, and later on, to his Ramli Jusos.

When the stall opens for business at about 5pm, Ramli does brisk business to cater to the crowd, some of whom join the queue for takeaways.

The stall sells only two types of samy' beef and chicken - served with homemade peanut sauce. and nasi impit.

If you ask, Ramli will always recommend the beef satay. “It is the best-seller here.”
Ramli plies his trade from a crude charcoal grill placed beside the pedestrian walk, at the front of the colonial-era building.

Capital Café was opened in 1956, and seems that not much has changed since, save
for a new coat of paint on the front façade.

The satay is still made from the same Javanese recipes passed down three generations. They still appear to please many KL folk.

Ramli said he could sell 1,500 skewers of _satay in the three hours.

The beef satay uses chunks of Indian beef.` The meat is marinated in a mixture that includes lemongrass, garlic, onion, ginger and salt.

“lt is more or less the same for the chicken' but l add sautéed chilli paste to the marinade,” he said.

The fragrant aroma of barbecued meat. I permeated through the air as we entered the shop.

Both the beef and chicken satay were' tender, and the satay sauce was a and smooth peanut sauce with a balanced taste.

The little chunks of fat pushed into skewers in between the meat on the skewer;` enhanced the taste further.

A stick of chicken or beef satay cost 80sen while a plate of nasi impit By JAROD LIM

Sunway Lagoon Main Entrance

Sunway Lagoon Main Gate

Sunway Lagoon Entrance Fees & Rate

The beach near the Casa Rachado Beach Resort Port Dickson

Port Dickson Weng Yin Seafood Village

 Having a launch in Wend Yin Seafood not cheap. Six dishes plus on beer cost about RM 180. But the service is good.

Saujana Beach (Pantai Saujana) - Port Dickson

Saujana Beach
Saujana Beach
Previously known as 4th Mile Beach. It's name was changed to Saujana Beach in 2001 when beaches in Port Dickson were renamed. Having the distance of 0.6 km in lenght, stretching from Avillion to Klana Lodge.

The name of Saujana Beach is given based on it's location that is near to Saujana Hill, which has it's own unique history.

In 1800 during the British administration, there was a colonial bungalow know as Saujana Bungalow. With it's beautiful colonial architecture, it stands majestically on top of a hill commanding a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. Stanging on the site of this bungalow today is the TNB Clubhouse.

Pantai Saujana
The beach very clean -Pantai Saujana

Small Shop Sell Balloon

Got Public Toilet (Wash Room) facilities in Saujana beach

Friday, 29 August 2014

Vikas International School - Sekolah Antarabangsa Vikas

Vikas International School
Vikas International School

Vikas is staffed by a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals. Each child is a unique individual who possesses inherent potential of different types.  The school’s objectives are to identify, tap and develop this potential. The student not only learns well but learns happily and in process develops into a confident, complete person. The personal attention and encouragement which the teachers extend to each student open lines of communication between students and faculty at the same time, VIS encourages the students to develop a world-view and become universal citizens who are aware of  and at ease with, other viewpoints, lifestyles culture.
The principal, vice-principal, secondary and primary coordinators work in a network to maintain the discipline, the high academic standard and cordial relationship between students and staff. The school strictly follows a set of disciplinary rules and regulations In-charges have all rights to counsel if the students go astray from the path.
The school stresses that both Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are as important as academics. The activities outside the class rooms are filled.  Students engage themselves by participating in a variety of CCA Activities.  
There is a health care to meet emergency health need. The school has a mess that provides food at payment basis. The food that is served is fresh and nutritious. There is also a cafeteria in the school. It sells delicious snacks and soft drinks to the students during the morning, lunch and afternoon breaks.

CBSE Affiliation No.7430003


No. 168, Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Tel : +603 7982 2992, +603 7982 3992, +603 7982 5992
Fax : +603 7984 4992
Email :
Web :