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Sunday 31 August 2014

Saujana Beach (Pantai Saujana) - Port Dickson

Saujana Beach
Saujana Beach
Previously known as 4th Mile Beach. It's name was changed to Saujana Beach in 2001 when beaches in Port Dickson were renamed. Having the distance of 0.6 km in lenght, stretching from Avillion to Klana Lodge.

The name of Saujana Beach is given based on it's location that is near to Saujana Hill, which has it's own unique history.

In 1800 during the British administration, there was a colonial bungalow know as Saujana Bungalow. With it's beautiful colonial architecture, it stands majestically on top of a hill commanding a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. Stanging on the site of this bungalow today is the TNB Clubhouse.

Pantai Saujana
The beach very clean -Pantai Saujana

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Got Public Toilet (Wash Room) facilities in Saujana beach