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Sunday 31 August 2014

Satay Kajang Retro

You do not need to go as far as Kajang to pacify your craving for satay as there is a satay stall worth visiting in Medan Selera USJ 7, in Subang jaya.

Sate Kajang Retro owner Muhammad Hairudin Suwardi said he skewered and seasoned the meat himself so patrons are guaranteed a homemade taste when they order his satay.
Hairuddin, who hails from Kajang, said he used his grandfather’s recipe to marinate the meat. Interestingly, instead of glazing the satay with vegetable oil like most satay sellers, he glazed the meat with the marinade.

This also means that is less oily, and as Hairudin said, also full of flavour.

We tried the chicken and beef satay as the stall ran out of lamb (RMLZU per stick) and ox tripe (RM1 per stick) due to orders for Hari Raya. proving that Sate Kajang Retro is a hit
among Subang Jaya folk. 

The Chicken satay (70 Sen per stick) was cooked to perfection and the beef satay (also 70sen per stick) was tender and slid off the stick easily.

At such prices. we can say the satay is cheap­ and tasty.

What is also important is the peanut gravy. At Sate Kajang Retro, the gravy was so thick that it stuck to the meat when dipped into it.

Sate Kajang Retro also sells ketupat at 70sen per piece to go with the skewered meat.

The stall, which opens from 4pm to 10pm daily, also offers nasi Iemak bungkus for only RM1. By FARAH FAZANNA ZUIZAHA