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Monday 15 September 2014

Negeri Sembilan State Museum

The states museum is located at the Crafts & Cultural Handicraft Complex in Seremban. The building itself is a simply wonderful sight as it features the marvellous Minangkabau roof - shaped like glorious buffalo horns.

The Minangkabau architecture is a proud tribute to the heritage of this group of settlers from West Sumatra who made this place their home.

The building is known as the Teratak Pepatih Building and now house the state's historical exhibits, including the ceremonial keris, Bugis and Minangkabau swords, royal ornaments and various hadicrafts.

Within the compound is a smaller building know as the Ampang Tinggi Palace built during the reign of the fifth Yang-Di-Pertuan Besar from 1861 to 1869.

The palace is  a delicate piece of architecture that serves as a gentle reminder of the intricacies of the royal past.

Other elements in the compound include canons, a boat and a locomotive.

The Negeri Sembilan House or Rumah Undang built in 1898 can also be found there.

It is another fine specimen of Minangkabau architecture and is buil without a single nail.

It was once the Istana Ampang Tinggi, a royal residence built in 1861 at Ampang Tinggi in the district of Kuala Pilah. It was dismantled in 1953 and transported to Seremban. It was reassembled at site in Seremban Lake Gardens but was again dismantled and moved to the grounds of the Taman seni Budaya (Cultural Handicraft Cmplex). It is now a cultural handicraft complex. Entirely built from wood without a single nails.